How to Forget About a Crush Who Isn't Worth It

Falling in love with some guy who seems to be very nice but turns out to be a total idiot when it comes to the love topic does not feel good but still there are options to forget about him and move on. Your life can be awesome, even though he does not take part in it. You are worth it! :(

  1. First of all, think about how you really feel about him. Write your feelings down.
  2. Be aware of the fact that you now want to get away from him and that this is the final step to break away from him. It is essential that you really want it, because otherwise it will not work.
  3. Write down the most positive thing about not having him in your life. Put this note somewhere where you can see it as often as possible. For example put in on your mirrow or somewhere on your desk.
  4. Put everything that reminds you of him into a box. Delete all of his photos from your PC, mobilephone or iPod but save them on a USB-Stick. Put the stick and everything else like music that reminds you of him and your lovesickness into that box and put it somewhere where you will not see it for a long time, for example under your bed (Be careful so your Mum will not find it and ask you about it!)or your basement.
  5. Try to avoid him in your life. Do not go to the club he prefers or sit opposide of him while having lunch. Still you should not think too negative about him. Maybe he is not worth waiting but still you once liked him. Try to have a matter-of-fact view on your relationship. Keep calm. He and you just did not work out but that does not make any of you two to a bad person. There are a lot of other guys to get to know. He just was not the right one. And remember: You wanted to forget him!
  6. Do some activities with some of your friends you really trust. Tell them that you decided to get over your crush. If they are trustful friends they will help you by keeping you busy with things you like. Sometimes it helps when you do some activities with other boys who are you friends. They also can give you the feeling of being liked by a boy. But be careful: Do not project your feelings for your crush on your male friend. You want to forget about your crush and not just get another one! Just enjoy the feeling of being liked and respected.
  7. Still getting over a crush is not as easy as it sounds and there might be moments when you really miss him even though -remember- you never shared a love attachment. When you see him and all your feelings come up again, walk away get yourself a piece of paper, cut it into a circle and write down one reason why your life is better without him and your lovesickness. Try to be positive like: "Without him I have a lot of time for my friends." or "Being a single person has a lot of benefits for example I can go to a club and party without being called a cheater." There are a lot of things which are positive about not having him.
  8. Put that circle onto your wall, just above the floor. Everytime you feel lonely repeat Step 7 and Step 8. Put your circles together so they begin to build a tree. Imagine the reason-tree growing on your wall makes you strong and every circle is one step further away from him.
  9. Everytime you miss him, look at your reason-tree; imagine how happy you can be without him and how much fun you can have with your friends.
  10. Move on, forget about the box under your bed and move on with your life. Find some new friends, go on a journey, find a new style. Your life is worth it. You are a good-hearted person. Someday someone will find you. Try to become happy. You are worth it! (:


  • These tricks will not help you to be happy all of the time but they try to make it easier for you to get over your crush. Sometimes you may be sad but there will also be moments when you forget about your lovesickness.
  • Always remember: Even though you have strong feelings for him, you want to forget him.
  • Maybe he is a good friend and a lovely person but still he can be a total fool when it comes to the love topic. This does not mean, that you will never again hang out with him.
  • Everything takes its time to heal. One day you will think back and remember that nice guy who was too blind to see what a lovely person you are.
  • Do not make the situation worse than it already is. Do not text him or send rude emails. Just let it be the way it is.


  • Even though he might be a nice person who you want to stay friends with, it might take some time to feel only friendship for him again. Try to avoid him for some time, so you have time for yourself to feel better about him. Otherwise you will interpret every little nice thing he says or does as a secret love message. Remember: If he would love you he would show that quite obviously. Maybe he sees that you do not feel well and wants to be nice, while you think he has special feelings for you.