Romantic Ways to Propose

The way you propose makes a lot of difference in respect to the answer you receive. Proposals are the most cherished part of a relationship and they should be something that makes your partner feel special every time they remember it. It is important to consider the kind of person he/she is, before choosing the way of the proposal. If he/she is outgoing and wild, you could try something very creative and different. On the other hand if he/she’s an introvert and shy, keep your proposal simple yet thoughtful. Either ways, do something meaningful that they would cherish for life.

1. Story
Write a story about the two of you. Go into a complete flashback mode, covering everything right from the first time the two of you met, fell in love and end it with The Question. In your story, remember to mention minute details to impress even more.

2. Cake
Bake a heart shaped cake of the intended person’s favorite flavor. You can have your proposal message written in striking red on the top of the cake. This way your message can be both short as well as sweet!

3. A Glass of Wine
This is one of the most tried and tested method for proposals. Make prior arrangements at a restaurant and get a glass of red wine with a ring at the bottom of the glass. This technique is extremely common and so it would be good sense to keep it as your very last option.

4. At the Beach
Write your proposal on the sand along the beach. It would be very romantic if it would be in the evening as the moon would add up to the charm and the setting will get you both in the right mood. Also try and make sure that it is just the two of you at the beach.

5. Fancy Dinner
The best setting for such a proposal would be a chic and elegant restaurant where you could have someone play the violin for the two of you. On completing dinner, just before the dessert arrives, get down on one knee and propose.

6. With Fireworks
Go impromptu to a nearby hill at night where the two of you can be alone. While you both are at the top of the hill gazing at the stars, have someone to burst fireworks in the night sky. For the finale, get your proposal written in the sky through the fireworks.

7. Message in a Bottle
Have your proposal written on a piece of paper and place into a bottle. Get a suitable wooden cork to close the bottle. Next, take him/her to a beach to watch the sunset and when he/she’s not watching, quietly slip the bottle under the sand. Try and subtly get attention to the bottle and let him/her find it by themselves.

8. Sing a Song
Even if you are not a good singer, you can still try this. Compose a romantic song and sing it with full confidence. It would be even better if you could have an instrument to go with it. At the end of the song, put down your feelings and propose.

9. Treasure Hunt
Play a fun and exciting game of treasure hunt. Leave notes all over her place with clues on them. Arrange these in such a way that, one clue written on a note leads to another. Finally, the last clue should lead to the ring.

10. Oysters
Take the initiative of preparing dinner. Make oysters a part of the main dish. Arrange for the ring to be placed in one of the oysters served to her. Once she opens it, you can propose.

11. While Boating
Go out boating together on serene lake. When in the middle of the lake, pop up the question with a ring in hand. It will be a beautiful moment.

These are few ways to propose to the man or woman of your dreams. The proposal is a moment that people dream about for years. Hence, it should be a moment that, even after years of marriage, your partner can proudly talk about. All the best!