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Apple's rumoured electric Car to cost US$55,000?

Last modified: October 19 2015

apple car

If you're hoping your next car will boast the sleek lines of an iPhone 6S, the power of the Apple Mac Pro, and enough room for an iPad Pro in the dash, then you'd better start saving. Like any product from Cupertino, the Apple Car won't be cheap.

At least that's what tech analysts from Jefferies & Co are suggesting. According to alphr, a 68-page note from the analysts looking into Apple's automotive endeavour predicts that the car will retail for an average price of US$55,000 (£36,000, AUS$75,000).

While that's not as expensive as Tesla's Model S, Apple's vehicle, which is heavily rumoured to be electric, could be entering a very different market if it launches in 2019.

Spoilt for choice

In four years time, electric vehicles will be more widely accepted, to the point that Jefferies & Co's analysts predict Apple will shift 200,000 units - compared with the 55,000 cars Tesla is forecast to sell in 2015.

Of course Apple's brand recognition will also contribute to such an expansion of the electric car market.

Being an Apple product, it's also highly likely the vehicle will come in a range of trims both pricier and cheaper than the estimated US$55,000 average - Apple fans wanting a fruit-branded motor may discover a fleet that rages from a budget model with fluoroelastomer seat-belts, to a car with rose gold detailing that costs almost thirty times the entry model's price.

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