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Did you sleep well?

It is not uncommon for us to wake up in the morning, after sleeping for a good eight hours, feeling all groggy and tired. We wonder about the reason behind this, arguing that we did sleep for eight hours – the prescribed time for the body to rejuvenate.

Not many of us know that the quality of sleep determines how fresh we feel in the morning, as opposed to the duration of the sleep. Calculating the duration is easy, but how does one go about calculating the quality of sleep? We can have someone keep looking at us while we sleep, but that would be taking things a tad too far.

In an attempt to help people understand the quality of their sleep, and then work towards improving it, Neybox, a Greek company, has come up with an app. Called Pillow, the app is designed to help you sleep better and wake up happier.

The app monitors your movements and sounds when you sleep. It then uses advanced algorithms and keeps a detailed history of the quality of your sleep, and tells you the best time for you to wake up. Upon waking, it gives you a complete overview of how you have slept. It also keeps track of your mood and keeps sleep notes. Swiping horizontally gives you access to the previous day’s records.

With this app, you can listen to all sleeping disorders you might have – like sleep talking or sleep apnoea. You also have the power to delete or export any sound.

The app, on running in landscape mode, gives you immediate access to detailed statistics right back to your first sleep session. The details of these statistics are simply incredible. All the data recorded from your sleep sessions are private and a backup is stored securely in the iCloud. All your devices are also synced with the same cloud storage.

Currently, the app is available only for iOS, and the company has not given any clarity on whether they plan to create one for Android.

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