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Google Chrome finally makes it easy to mute individual tabs

Last modified: October 23 2015

chrome mute

After being skeptical for over a year, Google has finally allowed the ability to mute individual tabs on its Chrome browser.

Last year, it introduced the tab audio playback indicator – the little icon that appears on a tab playing audio. However, what people truly wanted was an ability to put that particular tab on mute.

There have been plenty of instances when you opened a tab and suddenly an audio auto-played and you had to scroll through the entire webpage to locate where exactly the audio is so as to turn it off.

The argument Google made back then was that the offering a muting ability “crosses a very important line: If we provide Chrome controls for content, we're implying that Chrome should take on a responsibility to police content.”

However, with the new feature all you need to do is simply right click a tab, without moving away from your current tab, and mute it. The audio playback indicator will reflect your choice with a muted icon. That particular tab won’t play sound unless you unmute it.

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