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Google testing out new YouTube Radio feature for some users


A new report suggests that Google could be testing out something known as YouTube Radio, which is essentially a newer take on the YouTube Mix playlist. This will curate music playlists based on the video that is being watched by the user. The radio suggestions can be liked or disliked by the users, thus improving the music listening experience.

This feature is reportedly being spotted on a handful of devices as of now, which means it's still in the testing phase. We're awaiting for specifics on this particular feature, but it seems to be a very good addition to YouTube, which is slowly transitioning into the music streaming business.

Google introduced the new YouTube Music Key music streaming service, which would allow unlimited music streaming with no ads and a bunch of other neat perks like offline playback. This was priced at $9.99 per month, so it will be interesting to see if Google/YouTube will include the new radio feature with this package or make it available separately for free.

YouTube has taken long strides since it was acquired by Google and has become one of the biggest libraries of music and video content. Last week we saw the introduction of a new multi-angle camera feature on YouTube, which would let users select the camera angles of a video (ideally suited for a concert).

Since YouTube Radio is still believed to be in testing, it could take a while before Google makes its arrival public. YouTube Mix playlists have a limit of 50 video suggestions, but we're guessing YouTube Radio could lift those restrictions.

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