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Meet New App Reach, gives you peek inside your friend's phone

Last modified: March 22 2016


Google's Play Store is full of utility apps that can help you share your phone's content with a friend. But most of these apps operate using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi hotspots. Enter Reach. This is an app that lets you see your friend's complete collection of apps and music on your phone, no matter how far you are.

The Reach app is more of a social media platform where the app provides a common place to browse and share content with friends. Once your phone is connected with your friend's phone, you can browse and download free apps, games, and music stored in your friend's phone.

The app doesn't require the sender and receiver to be near each other, which is the case in most file sharing apps where the phones connect through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi hotspot. Instead, it gives the kind of remote access that is common on desktop computers. Reach uses internet for remote access to connect phones.

A user can create a friend circle, where everyone can allow the others to browse through their phone's content. The users can always control the visibility of their content, which means you can chose what is visible and to who.

The user can also see what is trending in the friend circle. The app shows songs, games and apps that are common among friends. The file transfer can be paused and resumed as per network availability. It also lets the users access the downloaded files in offline mode through the app.

The app claims to be the safest way of sharing content, as it doesn't store any content on its servers. All the transfers take place through the internet connectivity on both sides. As a part of the Google Launchpad program, the app's security shouldn't be a concern for the users.

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