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The World’s Deepest Pool at Hotel Terme Millepini in Italy

There are many ways in which a hotel can gain popularity, and having the world’s deepest pool is definitely one of them. Hotel Terme Millepini in Italy has embraced that bold strategy and they’ve excavated a 131-foot (40-meter) deep tunnel for passionate swimmers and divers to enjoy.

Y-40 Deep Joy pool

The pool itself is not just a vertical tunnel, do not worry. It is actually a really cool and quirky pool with a series of volumes placed at intermediate levels, creating a very engaging underwater space. At the surface, you find a regular-looking 69 x 59 foot pool, but things become gradually more exciting as one goes deeper.

Y-40 Deep Joy pool

The best part about the Y-40 Deep Joy pool is that it is filled with thermal water and has a lovely temperature of 89.5 °F to 93.5 °F. But what if you can’t swim? Then maybe you should try the dry underwater experience that the pool offers. A suspended transparent tunnel allows people to step inside the pool without getting in contact with the water. It’s there only for the views, and it’s worth it.

Y-40 Deep Joy pool

Aside from the Emanuele Boaretto-designed Y-40 Deep Joy project, the hotel impresses with four-star comfort, as well as beautiful views of the green surroundings and thermal pools. Rates start at $250 per person per night, which is not cheap, but not prohibitively expensive either.

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