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The TENC iPhone case self-heals scratches in 20 seconds

Last modified: October 13 2015

Let’s face it: the last thing you want to do with your shiny new iPhone 6S is slap a bulky case on it. Unfortunately, that shiny new iPhone 6S is rather easy to scratch up.

Now, a US-based accessory maker called Just Mobile has developed a lightweight case called the TENC, for the iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus that’s nearly invisible. But that’s not why you should get it. The TENC is created from a self-healing polycarbonate that heals any scratches in about 20 seconds.

TENC has a polycarbonate case

Check out this promotional video the company has released

According to Just Mobile, TENC is long lasting, durable, tough, and thin. The company says that it might also make the TENC case for other phones depending on sales.

The TENC case is available to buy on Just Mobile’s online store for Rs 3,249 (including shipping) -- dirt cheap protection for a Rs 62,000 phone.

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