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Why Four Season Voted World’s Number 1 Luxury Hotel?

Last modified: March 22 2016

Four Season

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, the acknowledged luxury hotel has been recognized and honored once again for its excellence in providing luxury hospitality. The Canadian-based five-star hotel hospitality company recently voted as world’s top luxury hotel brands by 2016 Luxury Travel. Resonance, a destination development, and marketing company submitted the report. American’s wealthiest travelers voted Four Seasons hotel as the number 1 luxury hotel for its hotel design and commitment to deliver service excellence. But, there’re four more reasons why the five-star hotel chain consistently remains at the top.

  1. Four Seasons is voted world top luxury hotel for developing world-class properties as well as creating something exceptional and authentic to the location that it’s already in. The hotel first fully branded private jet launched in 2015 is a good example why the hotel group is leading. The custom-designed jet takes off to transfer guests wherever they wish to go and deliver outstanding service at every flight.
  2. The hotel chain also keeps its guests occupied and entertained by creating unique experiences according to the local environments. At Four Seasons Buenos Aires, guests can learn how to make their own signature scent during a private session with renowned Argentinian perfumer Julian Bedel. While in Mexico, guests can take a free diving and octopus tour where they can learn how to catch, clean and cook octopus. In Hungary, guests can have dinner in private at the famous Budapest Opera House. These are just some of the things the hotel created for the guests so they can have a pleasant experience wherever their location is.
  3. Four Season pride itself in delivering service excellence so every room, next to the bed there is a nightstand that has a telephone, a notepad, and pen with the corporate logo arranged fashionably. The hotel placed the telephone near the bed so it is within reaching distance from the bed. Additionally, the hotel ensures the guest calls answered promptly within three rings.
  4. Four Seasons also believe that real luxury means personable service and they can only deliver excellent service by having fewer rooms but large staffs that are ready to provide personal service. The hotel was the first to put phones in the bathroom, offer shampoo and lotions to the guests.

Ritz Carlton followed Four Seasons while Hilton and Marriott ranked third and fourth on the list of World’s top luxury hotels.

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