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iPhone SE as your next phone? 5 reasons why you shouldn't buy it

Last modified: March 22 2016

iPhone SE

Apple on Monday night launched the iPhone SE. And at least on paper, the new iPhone seems like a very good Apple device. It is Apple's one of the "cheap" iPhones in India with a starting price of Rs.39,000. While it is not as aggressive of a price as something like Rs.30,000, we are sure a lot of people will be willing to pay it in India.


But before you take out your wallet and queue up to buy the iPhone SE, think again. It sure looks good, but is it really the best phone that you can buy for a price of around Rs.39,000? We don't think so. There are some good reasons to buy the iPhone SE. But at the same time, there are also some good reasons to not buy it. We give you 5.

Screen is too small

If you have ever used a smartphone with a screen size of around 5-inches, you will realise that a 4-inch screen, even if it is good, is too small. The fact that even Apple acknowledged this and came out with a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus in 2014 clearly shows that for majority of consumers, the 4-inch is too small. Not only typing is a pain on a small screen, even playing games and watching videos is not that fun. And god forbid if you wear glasses. The 4-inch iPhone screen is only good enough for those who have eagle eyes. The font is small. The UI elements are small. It's not fun to use a phone with 4-inch screen. And it is downright frustrating to use if you have used a decent 5-inch or bigger phone.

Just 16GB

In this price bracket, most Android phones are now coming with 32GB internal storage. Hell, the Nexus 6P comes with 64GB storage. A phone with internal storage of 16GB just doesn't work out anymore. Installing two hefty games - Need for Speed and Implosion - will mean you will be running out of space within weeks. And the problem with the iPhone SE is that it doesn't even support microSD card. If you carry lot of music and want to keep a couple of videos on your phone, you shouldn't even think about a phone with 16GB storage, especially when you are spending Rs.39,000 on it.

iOS can be frustrating

iOS can be simple to use. That is if you are used to it. But it also lacks the flexibility and free-form features of Android, and that affects the usability. If you are someone who modifies a lot of files on the go, edits a lot of stuff, shares files between different apps and likes to customise phone, iOS is not exactly a good deal. Android is better when it comes to providing users option to customise their workflow, which makes it a better tool.

The mighty iPhone 6

Well, in case you are set on buying an iPhone, why not buy the mighty iPhone 6. It is cheaper with price of around Rs.32,000 and is a much better phone than the iPhone SE. It has similar hardware, but a more sleeker and better design. It looks modern. The iPhone SE looks like a phone from 2012 and 2013, and it actually is in terms of design because it is almost identical to the iPhone 5S. The iPhone 6S also has a bigger screen.

Is that iPhone 5S you are using?

One of the reasons why many people buy the iPhone is because it has that snob value attached to it. Now a lot of people buy the iPhone because they truly appreciate what it gives them. But a lot, especially, in India also buy it because it is iPhone and carrying an iPhone is symbol of something. Whatever that thing is. Unfortunately, the iPhone SE is rather weak on this symbolism part. Imagine you are using it and your friends see it while you are at a party in a bar and they say, "Is that iPhone 5S you are using, dude? You haven't upgraded!"

Yup, the iPhone SE looks so similar to the iPhone 5S. And the iPhone 5S looked so similar to the iPhone 5, which incidentally came out in 2012, which is almost four years ago! If you are buying an iPhone why will you buy an iPhone that looks like the phone launched four years ago?

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